This is not what I want to use my page for but it is so important that I am going to use it for this one time only. 

Voting Day is racing up to meet us and I want to make a plea here to say VOTE. Get out and VOTE like your life depended on it people. Because is does. It is the only way you can make your voice heard ouside of protests and it is the most meaningful way. Don’t say you’ve got more important things to do. Don’t say your vote doesn’t matter because it’s all going to be buisness as usual no matter what you do. Do it. Do it because if you don’t you’ve done nothing. And doing nothing makes you part of the problem. It ensures that NOTHING will happen. It garantees that NOTHING with happen. Do it so that something might happen.

I keep trying to convince my husband that voting is the only way to make change happen. He keeps insisting that no matter who we vote for, they will break their promises either through disinterest or inability to work together in bipartisanship. He insists that all politicians are in it to “suck from the government titty” to be vulgar – but his phrase. In other words, he thinks that they all just want the prestige and financial security afforded by the position. We have wild arguments about this where I try to convince him that to believe this and choose not to vote is to do nothing and garantee that nothing changes for the better. He votes under duress at this argument but it makes me sooooo tired. 😓 angry😡 and sad😢, Mostly depressed. I don’t think there’s an emoticon for that. Jesus why is it so hard to motivate people to try to make a difference on even the TINIEST level?

This happens mostly with Liberals or maybe I should just call them people who despirately need change in their government – the poorly represented: low income, middle class, blue collar households, people who can’t afford personally financed health insurance, people who’s mortgages eat up most of their paychecks, racially profiled people who are 2nd generation Americans, African Americans who exercise their right to peacefully protest and are labeled traitors to their country, those who protest white supremacy and are labeled angry violent mobs. WHY? I do not get this at all.  These are the people that need numbers more than any others. Conservatives flood the booths in waves like salmon swimming upstream. What the hell with “Liberals”? Why is it that when Voting Season rolls around they go limp like a guy in a Viagra add?

Go vote. It is your RIGHT in this country! Don’t throw that away. Don’t make that meaningless like some dirty rag you can’t use. In some places dictators just roll into office, no votes involved. In some places, people are physically chased away from voting booths. You have it so easy in most cases – voter supression is another story. All you have to do is take a moment out of your day to choose the people YOU want to represent you in Congress in the hope that they will do what they say they will. Even if they don’t, you’ve done something. And SOMETHING is always better than NOTHING.

Why do I have to spend time explaining or making this plea? This is America. We should all understand this. We should all grip this one inalienable right like a warrior clenches a spear. We fought so hard for it. From the founding fathers to everyone who had to pry it loose for themselves afterwards. Don’t piss all over that prize now! Wield it like the weapon it can be.

Just VOTE. 

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