RIGHT so tis the season still so lets keep going…Just to spur a few of us to the booths…

I was scrolling through recent online news/media stuff and stopped on the Megyn Kelly ‘blackface’ incident because “hello” why? and what was she thinking?

Turns out she thought like this a lot. If you google her, you can scratch the surface like a cheap gift card and find rabid racist with the first nail twitch. Anyway, she struck me as such an easily digestible, Walmart brand, public figure that her kind of political think substance should be examined during this voting period.  Here is a great link to a page that explores her greatest hits of freakishly incendiary on-air statements.

And if you don’t think those are a call to arms for white supremacists (I won’t dignify them with the term alt right) then you have your head so far up your ass there’s no coming back out.

I also found an article by Roxanne Jones at CNN online that went on to show how this leads to another disturbing trend in today’s racial tensions. All of these have been seen on Youtube recently and if you haven’t seen them you really should.

The article talks about Kelly and her comments but goes on to discuss the increasing trend in harassment of African Americans for just being or doing things any white person would be able to do without question. Here’s the text from the article that struck home with me most deeply.

“We all know them by now thanks to social media, which has shamed these over-zealous white people for falsely accusing innocent blacks of wrongdoing.We know them as “Permit Patty,” a.k.a. Alison Ettel in San Francisco, who called police in July on an 8-year-old girl who was selling water bottles as part of a school fundraiser, or New York’s “Cornerstore Caroline,” a.k.a. Teresa Klein, who recently accused a 9-year-old boy of sexual assault and called the police. Ettel later resigned from her job, and in Klein’s case, the store’s video later showed the boy’s backpack had accidentally grazed her.

Mowing lawns, taking a nap in a dorm, sitting in Starbucks, trying to enter your apartment after a long day at work — it’s alarming the rate at which whites have used police to try and intimidate black people for simply being in their space. It’s no wonder Kelly feels empowered to reveal her racist opinions on national television.At Yale, Starbucks and everywhere else, being black in America really is this hardAt Yale, Starbucks and everywhere else, being black in America really is this hard.

Sadly, these offenses are felt almost daily for black folks, even me. My former business partner and neighbor recently felt free to throw out the N-word with his friends while we were at work. Then he laughed about it when a guy standing nearby pointed out that I was in earshot. Like Megyn Kelly, he too later apologized. But I had already seen his true face.

I get that underground racists feel emboldened by a President who declares on national TV, “Absolutely I am a nationalist.” They think they can now push the boundaries of what it means to be a racist. They think they can redefine the meaning of racism by arguing that they don’t believe in being PC — which to me means that they want to be free to deny the humanity and equality of others who are not like them.

What they don’t get is that we will not allow the clocks to be turned back to a time when the only thing right was white.

Too much blood has been shed in the fight for equality. It’s a new day. And this time, the voices for equality are amplified. More Americans across every demographic believe in their own inalienable right to justice and equality.

We don’t believe in political correctness, either. Not the type that says we have to be silent and do nothing in the face of your hatred. No. We are fighting back. We are organizing, using social media to ostracize blatant acts of racism. And we will hold accountable anyone who uses hate to try and demean us and deny our equality.”

So, again, I want to say this. Having read all of these articles and watched all of these clips. Please think carefully about what is happening out there and understand that you CANNOT afford NOT to VOTE this season. There is a pervasive atmosphere of “it’s OK to do this shit” out there since the last election. Since the last crappy voter turn out. We have to change that. 



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