About Rebecca Pearl

I am an ex Disney Clean-up artisit (we worked one on one with the animators to draft hand drawn characters for traditionally animated feature films – they sketched the acting of each character’s movements and we drew the character’s careful likeness over each of their drawings to match those movements  – in other words they made Stitch do what Stitch did and we made Stitch LOOK like Stitch was supposed to look) .   An ex Comicbook cover artist.  An ex video game play guide book illustrator.  An ex role playing game card illustrator.  And a current Medical Assistant (yeah, where did that left turn come from?).

I have written short fiction all of my life.  I have been published through independent press once or twice.  A collection of my own short stories and a few short stories here and there in other anthologies.  I write because the characters and the ideas have to come out and because the process brings me joy.

I am a native to the San Franscisco Bay Area though I spent 9 years living in Orlando Florida.  My time away only made me appreciate it more desperately.  I was raised on the history of California and the Bay Area in particular as my Mother loved the subject of history and we had a rich prospect right in our backyard.  My maternal Grandparents made exploration of the city and its museums possible even when my own family was unable to afford the time or expense.

My husband and I have settled in the Sonoma County area close to both the city and coast and vineyards.  It is the best of all possible places in my opinion, existing in a wonderful tangle of cultures and layered stories that weave in and over one another from the beginning of things to right now.